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marriage watchYou know that old saying a picture is worth a thousand words?  Well this picture captures what the Vortic Watch Company is all about.  I love the metaphor- truly I do- a simple look back in the side view mirror and there it is, a beautiful vintage watch from the Vortic Watch Company.  When you look into the large round sapphire glass covering that old dial that's what you're doing you know- looking back into a snapshot of time when America was the center of the watch making universe.  It's funny how the hands of time seem to come back around every now and again.  

It all started in Waltham, Massachusetts located just 12 miles due West of downtown Boston when in 1854 Aaron Dennison established the Waltham Watch Company located on the South bank of the Charles River.  Today this once prominent watch factory has been turned into luxury residential lofts and office space but turn the hands of time back 160 years and this factory was doing what America used to do best - make  premium products that would last a lifetime, if not more.  In fact, the Waltham Watch Company churned out more than 40 million premium pocket watches, clocks, speedometers, compasses and other precision instruments over their 107 years of operation.

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The Waltham Watch Co. wasn't the only watch factory in America at the time which was crafting high end pocket watches.  Other major players in the industry included the Elgin National Watch Company (1864 - 1964) out of Elgin, IL, the Illinois Watch Co. from Springfield, IL, the Ball Watch Co., out of Cleveland and the Seth Thomas Watch Co. from Thomaston, CT.  Each factory had their own style and design and collectively they were pushing the envelope of precision engineering and machining of parts.  The fact that even today after 150+ years of running (that's over 4.73 billion ticks of the second hand) the eloquent watches they made are still running is a testament to that.  Unfortunately, times and styles have changed and the pocket watch has fallen from fame and glory.  That's where the Vortic Watch Company comes in making a stylish new marriage watch that is second to none and is the only watch that we can say is 100% "Made in the USA."

A marriage watch is a term used for a watch that "marries" an original movement, usually from these old pocket watches, to a new casing.  The case from Voritc is a 3D printed titanium case that will house the original movement for decades to comes.  Seriously, this watch is the only 100% built in the USA watch on the market to date and they are a testament to true American industriousness and ingenuity.  



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